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Our brand was constructed on the basis of originality and creativity. We want people to feel comfortable in being a leader and not a follower, wearing things because you truly like it not because its the new trend. We like to provide clothing that is extremely limited so that people will have a sense of originality and won’t have to worry about seeing a million other people wearing the same exact thing. When you own something that is limited, exclusive or really rare, you get a sense of importance and we want our customers to feel that way!


Our visual concepts are influenced by the world around us. By pop culture, street artist, community, animation, manga, social media, movies, quotes and a number of other influences. 


The one thing thats been running through our minds lately is how we can affect or influence other people. Every person who admires someone or is inspired by someone has been drawn to that particular person because he or she was able to influence them somehow. Every great person who has ever accomplished something, made a difference in the world or to a single individual has done so by influencing that person or world through either actions or words. So we’re trying to figure out how we can make a major influence on maybe not the world since we’re just a clothing company but to people and community around us! lol

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